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Lipotox 70 tabs
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Lipotox 70 tabs
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New developments in the field of obesity: " Unlocking The Secrets to Quick Weight Loss "




New research in the area of obesity have led to exciting developments . The most impressive of which is the release of the new composition of Cambridge, "LIPOTOX". This unique composition makes triple attack on thickness:


1 ) It helps your body to produce hormones to burn fat .


Recently it was discovered that the interaction of two hormones ( insulin and glucagon ) that are naturally produced by your body , determine whether your body is running burn fat or store fat . Insulin ( gluconate / anabolic ) and glucagon ( lipolytic / catabolic ) hormones pairs are swapped , which means that when the levels of a climb , the levels of the other down . The above exercise greater control metabolism and make diametrically opposite functions . You can think of insulin as a storage hormone and blocking fat . Simply put , you create thickness ( resulting in fat storage ) and keep the thickness ( preventing access to fat stores ) . Many overweight people produce this hormone in excessive levels . This now explains the reason why many people find it difficult to lose weight quickly , even when dieting or taking diet pills . To your body in a constant state of burning fat , your body needs to reduce the production of hormones and fat storage to increase the production of fat burning hormones ( glucagon ) . The Cambridge Pharmaceuticals has developed a unique formulation that will help your body to produce these necessary hormones fat burning in 48 hours. And if you follow the dosage instructions will immediately see results within the first 7 days.


2) Does the metabolic inactivation.


To ensure that your metabolism is not «disabled " , which is the other main reason why people have difficulty losing weight quickly , this composition contains sufficiently specific ingredients , ensuring the efficient functioning of your metabolism . This is extremely important for those who have difficulty to exercise on a regular basis.


3) Minimizes the loss of muscle mass


Additionally , as you begin to lose weight, it is important not to lose your muscle mass. The muscles play an important role in fat burning process . To prevent this , this composition also includes adequate protein to ensure that as losing weight , muscle loss remains minimal. The composition also includes all the necessary vitamins , adequate nutrients ( essential proteins and carbohydrates ) to safeguard your health , to ensure that while you lose weight , all your bodily functions are performed in a healthy way .


This unique formulation has been created specifically for:


• People who need to lose weight quickly for health reasons


• People who cannot be exercised , or simply do not have the time to be exercised on a daily basis


• People who are overweight for more than two years , and


• People who want quick results within the first 7 days.


The "LIPOTOX" recommended by doctors and nutritionists , as well as meet the EU regulations and the regulations of the NOP .



·       Keep out of reach of children

·       If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product.

·       Food supplements should be used instead of a varied diet.

·       Do not exceed directions for use.

·       Do not use if outer bottle seal is missing, torn, or damaged in any way.

·       In case of a food poisoning emergency you may call 210 77 93 777

·       Probiotics: “the product is not indicated to patients with suppressed immune system”.  

The information as regards with this product is provided only for medical - scientific use (N. 261555-77/94/EOK21-12-76 chap4 par.3).


For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 February, 2008.
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